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The Arghishalee girls

We currently have two Labrador bitches living with us, one yellow and one black, they are 10 and 6 years old. .  

We also share ownership of one of our lovely home bred girls from our first litter with a super family in France and a black girl bred by the Vicford Kennels who lives with the Roboeljo family, close to us in South Wales, where she has the fantastic company of a lovely human and canine family.

Arlma Girl of Arghishalee (Hally)    31/03/2003 to 10/12/2013
Hally sadly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 10/12/2013 after a short illness - the Arghishalee household will never be quite the same again.

Hally was our beautiful chocolate girl, a family pet who was shown lightly at local open shows.  She was hipscored (7/9), elbow (0) scored,  and DNA tested Optigen PRA Clear. 

She produced Arghishalee's first two litters to Gowanvale Run-a-Round in July 2007 and Holmajor Flame in October 2008.  . Hally

Carpenny Clovis with Arghishalee (Clover)
Clover was brought in from the Carpenny Kennel to help move our showing along.

She can be a natural show girl when the mood takes her, and keeps us on her toes with her wicked antics and cute - "wasn't me mum" looks. Clover has been hip and elbow scored, and is tested Optigen PRA Clear, sadly, her hipscore was too high to breed from, however, she was a super showgirl for us and realy is the darling of the family with her wicked ways and cheeky face  Clover

Arghishalee Bronte (Bronte)
Bronte is our beautiful chocolate baby from Hally's second litter. She is a a petite pretty little lady with a wicked sense of fun

Bronte has been hipscored 3/4, Elbows zero and DNA tested CNM Clear.  She holds a current clear eye certificate (to Nov 2014) Bronte

Arghishalee's Sea of Dreams (Dream)
Dream is our beautiful black baby from Hope's first litter. A new direction for us, she is a lovely little girl with a wicked sense of fun.  Dream is Optigen PRA Clear by Parentage, hip score 5/4, elbows 0. 

We have no plans to breed from Dream  Dream

Vicford Queen of Hearts Roboshalee (A.I.) - Poppy
Poppy is from the first litter lovingly bred by Vicford Labradors and is litter sister to our lovely black boy, Bruce. 

Poppy's dad is an International Champion from the world famous Carpenny Kennel now living in the Netherlands with his owner John.  Her mum is from the internationally known Saranden Kennel.  Poppy is owned jointly with Sarah Robinson from the Roboeljo kennel under our joint kennel name Roboshalee ("Robo" from Roboeljo and "shalee" from Arghishalee) and lives with her human and canine family about half an hour from us,

Poppy is an absolute sweetheart with a calm biddable nature and a constant eagerness to please.  She has been lightly shown and taken some nice results, she is also being trained with the hope of working in the field - although show bred, she is very agile and demonstrates a strong work ethic which Sarah hopes to exploit.  She will be continue to be shown as and when time permits.   Poppy is hereditarily clear for g-PRA, Hip-scored 2/2 and elbows 0. She has proved herself to be the most fantastic mother.


Arghishalee girls elsewhere

Arghishalee Hope and Ambition (Hope)Hope lives with a lovely family in Stourbridge.  She is a beautiful chocolate baby from Hally's first litter. She was an absolute joy to live with, with her mums quiet unassuming nature.  Hope was hipscored (7/6) and Elbow scored (0); she is genetically clear for Optigen g-PRA Clear by parentage, is DNA tested CNM Clear.  Hope produced us a beautiful litter of chocolate and black puppies to Balrion Weathertop John Barleycorn , from which we have our lovely black girl, Dream.

Sadly, Hope didn't enjoy motherhood and went into her shell after her litter. she lost her spark and everything we tried to bring it back, failed .  She is now neutered and living wth a lovely family in Stourbridge who can give her all the time in the world, and has an extended canine family who visit often. 

We miss her dreadfully but did what we felf was right for Hope - we get regular updates and photos from her new family. Hope

Arghishalee's French Secrets (Carys)
Carys is a lovely black girl from Hally's first litter. She moved to live with her new human and canine family in French Secrets in the Haute Garrone, France at 17 weeks, and was lightly shown taking some nice results. 

Sadly, her owner's health stopped her from being able to show and breed Carys but she was small recompense for the friendship her family have shown me during very difficult times in my life;  Carys enjoys the most wonderful life that would make any dog jealous with her owners and her two "canine sisters", 1 black and 1 chocolate Lab.  They have acres to run around in as well as their own swimming pool.